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I bet he purrs when you scratch his tummy


Centipedes are arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda. They are elongated animals with one pair of legs per body segment. Centipedes can have a varying number of legs from under 20 to over 300. Centipedes are carnivorous.


He looks friendly

Eagle Eye

Complete the minigame with 100,000 pts or more

Zombie Masher - II

Kill 50 zombies in one game.

Gather 72 Medals

Gather 72 Medals


Complete the minigame and retreive the premium weapon !

Gather 20 Medals

Gather 20 Medals

Gather 30 Medals

Gather 30 Medals

Gather 50 Medals

Gather 50 Medals

Gather 10 Medals

Gather 10 Medals

Zombie Masher - I

Kill 20 zombies in one game.

Robot Precision

Complete the minigame with 200,000 pts or more.

Demolition unit

Unlock the rocket launcher


Obtain 10 Gold Medals


Obtain all medals

Elite commando

Survive 20 waves in Survival Mode


Survive 10 waves in survival Mode

The great escape

Finish the first level.

My Life Burst Collection

Acquire all Life Burst Packs.

Hey Look at Me!

Buy the Fire Armor from the Shop.

King of The Hill

Survive all the waves in the Colosseum.

Child's Play

Defeat Gordzak.

Golden Boy

Reach 500 Gold in your purse.

Can't Catch Me!

Buy the Thunder Shield from the Shop.

A Sword? For REAL!?!

Find a new sword.

Prosperous III

You've earned more than 50000$ during the game. Awesome!

No More Window Shopping

Buy something in a Shop.

My Magic Burst Collection

Acquire all Magic Burst Packs.

First upgrade

You unlocked your first upgrade at level 5.

Page 3

Complete level 25-36.

Page 2

Complete level 13-24.


Build and use a vehicle which uses balloons!


Create a map in the map editor

Young Blood

Defeat 20 Enemies.

Wildlife Safari

Fully complete the Bestiary.

Way to Go!

Reach the Shattered World.

Take it Like a Man

Use a Plaster Band.

Spoiled Kid

Acquire all Items and Power-Ups.

One Spirited Kid

Reach the Max Magic Level.

One Healthy Kid

Reach the Max Life Level.

One Boisterous Kid

Reach the Max Power Level.

Now THAT's One Hero's Arm!

Buy the Frost Sword from the Shop.


Create and use a vehicle using rockets!

Page 1

Complete level 1-12.

Great Turtle Soup

Defeat the first Boss.

The Great 850k Run

Score 850000 points in total.

50 Plums

Find 50 plums on any Difficulty.

The 60K Run

Score 60000 points in one level.

No Rotten Fish in My Sushi

Defeat the second Boss.

100 Plums

Find 100 plums on any Difficulty.

Life Combo

Gain a life by killing enemies in a combo without invincibility.

10 Plums

Find 10 plums on any Difficulty.

The Tough Run

Finish the game on Hard Mode.

The Great Explorer

Clear all levels.

All Plums

Find all plums on any Difficulty.

The Ninja Master

Finish the game on Ninja Mode.

The True Warrior

Finish the game in the Samurai Mode.

Walk in a Park

Finish the game on Normal Mode.

Monster Overkill

Beat the game with one of the Expansion Pack's characters and complete all of the 15 Expension Pack's Challenges.

10.000 points

Score 10.000 points and gain the Mini Combo Power-up for free. You can activate it at the "shop" tab.

Kicker Fifteen

Collect 15 Achievements.

High Five

Collect 5 Achievements.

Top Ten

Collect 10 Achievements.

Almighty Thirty

Collect 30 Achievements.

Awesome Twenty

Collect 20 Achievements.

Obtain 5 in-game Achievements

Obtain 5 in-game Achievements

Obtain 25 in-game Achievements

Obtain 25 in-game Achievements

Obtain 10 in-game Achievements

Obtain 10 in-game Achievements

Obtain 20 in-game Achievements

Obtain 20 in-game Achievements

A Difference!

You found one. Good job!

A mistake!

Congratulations on making a mistake...

Got Candy!

You just got some yummy candy! Yay!

Gain 25 trophies.

Gain 25 trophies.

Gain 40 trophies.

Gain 40 trophies.

Gain 5 trophies.

Gain 5 trophies.

Gain 10 trophies.

Gain 10 trophies.

Get'Em All

- Get All In-Game Achievements.

Best Pilot

- Beat The Game.

Achievement Pack #2

Obtain 10 in-game achievements

Achievement Pack #3

Obtain 15 in-game achievements

Achievement Pack #4

Obtain 20 in-game achievements

Achievement Pack #1

Obtain 5 in-game achievements


Hit the center of the target

Achievement Pack #3

Unlock 15 in-game achievements

Achievement Pack #2

Unlock 10 in-game achievements

BOOM! Headshot!

Shoot the target in the head

Achievement Pack #4

Unlock 25 in-game achievements

Achievement Pack #1

Unlock 5 in-game achievements

Baby Steps

Fire a gun

50% Completion

Completed 50% of the game

25% Completion

Completed 25% of the game

Bronze Star

Get 6 gold medals

Combat Action Ribbon

Get 2 gold medals

Round 10

Survive to round 10


Place 30 traps in a single game

Nine Shooter

Reach the ninth combo multiplier.

Creator of Worlds

Create a planetoid.

All Mine

Prevent any dino abductions.


Remove the arms of 100 zombies in a single game

The journey begins!

You have completed the first page.

Ball Caretaker

Beat the game with less than 10 deaths.

2 Balls, 2 Levels

Beat level 2.

08. To infinity and beyond!

Travel a minimum of 15,000 meters in "Survival" mode.

07. +99 LCK

Smash a lucky gummy in each of the 4 zones.

05. Yes sir!

Complete all missions.

01. Robbing the robbers

Break through the giant safe and retrieve your wallet.

02. The way the cookie crumbles

Beat the crap out of the first opponent.

04. Terminated

Beat the crap out of the third opponent.

03. Bad boy, bad!

Beat the crap out of the second opponent.

06. Power junkie

Upgrade everything to the max.


Pass game on normal difficulty level.


Pass game 2 times.


Pass game on hard difficulty level.

Create & Save a Custom Level

Unleash your inner creativity and share it with the world with the Scarlet Horizon's Custom Level Creator!

Play a Custom Level

Enjoy fun and engaging custom level created by people from around the world!

Ghost guidance

Ghost guidance

By: hatchedgames


4.36 / 5



By: BarbarianGames's


4.33 / 5

Robot Adventure 2

Robot Adventure 2

By: LGames


2.50 / 5

Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 2

By: Youda Games


4.40 / 5



Genre: Puzzle
Plays: 1425
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