This is the premise on what Berzerk Studio has been built, to make games that we want to play. If we don't find a game fun to play, a story interesting to read, a joke hilariously horrible, we can hardly expect you guys to now can we?

Since its inception in the dark and moldy basement of our fearless art director, the studio has been doing just that, bringing educative in all the wrong places games filled with protein stuffed meats, sturdy metal hats and eardrum shattering metal soundtracks to a grey world that had been flooded with very un-metal products with almost no meat references, not to mention very few hats. Here at Berzerk Studio, we don't see our games as products, except maybe a product of the unholy union of our blood tears and sweat. *daawwwww soundboard*

If you wish to contact our band of meat hat wearing eccentrics, you may do so via email or visit our contact page for all the possible communication channels at your disposal.

Editor's note: At the moment of the initial writing of this article, the author wasn't aware of popular games such as Super Meat Boy and Team Fortress 2 that do in fact star various meats and hats, we sincerely apologize for the oversight, the employee has been since fired and his family immolated.